A pulsating pole in the hearth of Amazon

650 km away from the Manaus capital city, the Facility is located on the largest proven terrestrial oil and natural gas deposit in Brazil. On average, 40 thousand barrels of oil are produced per day, including 1,200 tons of LPG (cooking gas). The logistic challenges for accessing the site constitute one mark of Método quality.


We conduct services regarding the executive project, disassembling, and adaptation of the Santiago-BA Center, comprising the facility transfer, transporting equipment and systems, conditioning services, construction, erection, and support to Pre-Operation and Assisted Operation, for implanting the UPGN-4, at the Operating Unit “Arara” Pole Station-AM.


Location Coari-AM

Period 2012 to 2014/ 2014 to 2020

Status Completed

Manpower 800 people

Client Petrobras