High-technology, comfortable, and sophisticated facilities

Regarded as one of the best and most important hospital complexes in Latin America, the “Sírio Libanês” relied on Método to build its expansion. We have built three new buildings, and besides the entire complexity of facility systems and high-standard finishing, the hospital continued its operation during the construction period. The hospital achieved the Gold LEED Certification and the 2016 EXAME Sustainability Guide award – Health Segment.

Sírio-Libanês HospitalHospital Sírio-Libanês

We have built “E”, “F”, and “G” annexes, and their interconnections with the existing buildings. The “E” building features a 39,000 m² built area and consists of 20 metallic structure floors. The “F” building features a 14,200 m² built area, and consists of 14 pavements. The “G” building and the “F” and “G” interconnections feature an 18,900 m² built area, with 16 floors; altogether, they comprise a 72,100 m² built area.


Location São Paulo-SP

Period 2010-2014

Status Completed

Built Area 72,100 m²

Client Sírio Libanês Hospital

Architecture L+M GETS