A new Método takes off

This is an important project for Brazil, Ceará State, and Método, as it testifies our capability in performing complex airport infrastructure projects. Since the pre-construction, we have applied the best managerial practices, daring, and high-technological methods. Building such work while the airport was operating, with high traffic of people and aircrafts, made the process even more remarkable.

Aeroporto de Fortaleza

The consortium formed by Método is responsible for coordinating the Landside (user circulation areas) and Airside (aircraft circulation area) expansion construction projects and services, in addition to upgrades to the existing terminal. The work is a finalist for the “Sinduscon de Excelência BIM” Award, and it is considered as the engineering work of the year, by the “O Empreiteiro” magazine.


Location Fortaleza-CE

Period 2018-2020

Status Completed

Client Fraport Brasil

Partnership Passarelli Engenharia e Construção