In every corner of the country we’ve left a footprint of excellence. Not just because of the projects themselves, but by the many lives impacted.

Método has been serving Bradesco for over 15 years, developing projects and managing works at the national level, in the openings, in the branch renovations and in the Administrative Buildings. We always count on the mobilization, dedication and respect capacity of the Method teams, in a partnership that consolidates over this period.

Amilton Nieto

Department Director - Bradesco

Our relationship with the Método has strengthened as we align our strategy of employing cutting-edge engineering solutions, enabling competitive deadlines and costs. This work methodology culminated in the realization of three projects in the order of R$ 800 million.

Jefferson Tagliapietra

Director - Hemisfério Sul Investments

It was a pleasure to working with Método at Rochaverá Corporate Towers. We deal with a sharp team that is willing to respond to all the challenges it has been subjected to. Time, cost and quality are no longer goals to become achievements.

Rubens Scuoppo

Director - Autonomy Investments

We consider Método an excellent option to work in the area of ​​development and execution of our works. With its technical expertise and high commitment to the expected results, the company has proven to be a reliable partner that we will surely count on in future endeavors.

Marcio Grossman

Amil Assistência Médica Internacional S/A