Since the beginning of our story, transforming people and improving processes has been our lifestyle. As time passed, we noticed that our legacy became more robust and unique, as a result of such purpose.

It was only possible by constantly improving and innovating, including our business model. Our team always wants to make it different, better, doing for those who trust us.

what we don't negotiate


Watching for our code of ethical conduct is the duty of every person on our team and our partners and customers are part of this commitment.
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Ensuring that our teams have a healthy and safe environment is non-negotiable. That is why we are certified by the OSHAS (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Service).

quality and environment

ISO 9001 and 14.001 certifications guarantee an environmentally responsible, integrated and highly effective management in all projects we develop.

our trajectory

Our history is full of special moments marked by the recognition of the work of skilled, dedicated and passionate people.

sustainable culture

For Method’s customers, having their needs met, in addition to reducing operating and maintenance costs, means helping to promote the quality of life for users in and around their environment. Therefore, we adopt sustainable building assumptions in the development of each project. We were the first engineering and construction company to be part of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). This was just one of the steps to bring the concept of green buildings to Brazil. We also participated in the founding of GBC Brasil – Brazilian chapter of the US Green Building Council. The national regulator of sustainable construction had its founding event in March 2007 and was directly supported by us.